Framing Services

Framing Services

Universal framing locations offer a wide variety of services, from start to finish, to meet your development needs in four phases:

Assessment of project requirements

Universal’s sales, engineering and construction experts review your project’s requirements, to understand what you need—from material component specifications to delivery and construction schedules.

Analysis and troubleshooting

At Universal, we provide solutions—not just materials. Universal’s engineering and construction specialists work with you and/or your engineer to develop the component design that is right for the job based upon your plans and specifications. That way, you avoid costly change orders. We specify the best components and systems to meet your requirements at the lowest installed cost.

Development of build-and-delivery list

Next, our manufacturing staff develops a component build-and-delivery list to meet your construction schedule. We do whatever it takes to get the materials and components you need, when you need them.

Construction management and labor:

Once we’ve provided you with the right components and systems at the lowest cost, we begin construction management and labor. We manage use and delivery of your materials. We administer our comprehensive safety program, including regular on-the-job inspections to ensure proper safety practices. We perform quality-control walks at the completion of framing, and we generate a punch-list for any problems. All discrepancies—no matter how small—are noted for rework. The project manager performs a final check on shimmed and planed walls for drywall fit and finish.

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