Why Choose UFP Framing?

Why Choose UFP Industries?

In a word, results.

UFP has been providing framing design, components and labor for a remarkable range of projects for over 20 years.  From single/multi-family homes and custom residences to sprawling commercial complexes, our results speak clearly to the confidence builders have in who we are and what we do.

From one end of this country to the other, UFP delivers dependable single-point sourcing, tailored to exacting specifications and timelines. We navigate the demands of of schools, student housing and historic rehab projects.

The smart choice for difficult times

Taken in the context of this challenging economic climate, UFP represents greater value than ever before. Ours is a solid business enterprise, employing over 1,000 building professionals nationwide, including construction crews, service personnel and management. You’ll be dealing with a staff known for its expertise, longevity and stability within this industry, not subcontractors who go wherever the next job leads them.

Products that perform

Our framing components have been exhaustively engineered to provide superior performance, cost-effectiveness and ecological responsibility. As this nation’s largest processor of construction softwoods, we’ve built our reputation on getting the job done, no matter the size or scope.

How we measure success

When your project finally wraps and you have a chance to look back on the process, we’re certain you’ll appreciate the value we bring to your project. We are your allies, advisors and advocates. And we only succeed when you do.